Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corporation... Co-operation!!

yayyyyyy!!! I am so happy. Finally I got a job, a government job. I am so so so happy. I got a job in Corporation Bank and with its co-operation, I will reach at the top, one day...

Anyway, just wanted to share this news..


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

24th November

Okay, so yesterday was 24th and was my Birthday. It was a great day indeed. Apart from my birthday, there was a special thing, which I cannot say here as I don't wanna jinx it anyway.

Hope everything go as planned.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo begins today!!

Yay!!! Nanowrimo begins today and I have already written my first chapter which is actually a prologue which is actually equivalent to a chapter.

 Hope so that I complete my whole book!!!

Keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

NaNoWriMo - the countdown begins!!!!


From 1st November comes the most awesome month, that's November. It's awesome because of two reasons:

  1. It's my birthdayyyyyyyyyyy...
  2. It's National Novel Writing Month.
I hope to participate in NaNoWriMo, have already registered too. Let's see, whether I could actually win it by completing my novel of minimum 50000 words. Actually, everyone, who crosses this word limit wins. So, I am really hoping to win. Only God should really help me to finish 50000 words.

Anyway, lot's of work. Gotta go,


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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am not well. SO, can't post the story, right now. My story is waiting to be published on the blog, but what to do. Kambakht Ccough and cold and fever is not leaving me.

Let's see, when will I be able to post it..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gimme a break!!!

I was going to post a story but then something happened that I will post it later. This world really sucks sometimes. Instead of making it a better place to live, people are making it worse, which is not good at all.

People are so mean and rude and arrogant that if someone helps them, they think that we are showing ourselves as superior or we keep talking, messaging and mailing them and they don't bother to reply. I mean, give me a break. We are not superior, we are helping you may be, because you don't know that thing. There will be many things which you know and we don't.

People really are so weird. I really need a break from such pathetic creatures...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blah blah blah.l

In hibernation, so this is just a random post. Feel like blogging but right now, mind's not in is place. Everything's blah blah blah.... Should fix everything right. I have no idea, what am I writing, so I think I should get lost. Blah blah blah...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life goes on...

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 15; the fifteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

He was walking along the muddy path, slowly carrying a sack full of goods. The wind was chilly but he didn’t feel anything even though all he was wearing was a very old “dhoti”. The sun was setting which made the man take quick steps towards his destination. Ahead, he could see lights. The town was still awake which slowed his pace. He needed a town, which was asleep. He wanted to make a full impact on the people and that could be done only when they were half asleep. Slowly and steadily, he started walking towards the town for he needed to plan everything before the impact; after all he was not alone in this.


Shyam Sundar Sharma was glad that he lived in the outskirts of the town. He loved, when the first ray of sun fell on his face. When the little sparrows come flying into his veranda chirping for food. When the early morning trains whistle, acting as an alarm clock, woke him up. He loved everything about the place he was living in. So what if it was 10 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the town. So what, if every time he needed anything, he had to walk all the way to the town. So what if he was unwelcome in that happy, lively, beautiful town.

‘C’mon, get up or you will be late for again.’

‘Yeah, yeah, I am getting up,’ he said looking at his wife, who was standing near the bed, waiting for him, to get up.

He looked at her and sulked. With a sigh, he got up from the bed and went straight into the bathroom.

‘Listen, today while coming from work, go to the town. I need some things,’ came his wife’s voice.

‘I am not going into that filthy town,’ he said coming out of the bathroom.

‘Oh yes! You are going,’ said his wife, whose temper, now days were always on the verge of bursting, ‘it is entirely your fault that they threw us out of the town. Because of you, my children are suffering every minute. Why are you so heartless and lazy, living in a town and harassing people with your loud mouth? What wrong did they say? Only this, that you are a worst person to have a job of railway announcer. What was wrong in that? Do you even realize that, that because of you, this town had its biggest railway accident, injuring so many. Do you even care? What kind of man are you?’ she stormed out of the room.

He shrugged and murmured under his breath, ‘what did I say, only truth? Abusing me, every time, they were. And that accident was not at all because of me, what was my fault, if I didn’t go to work that day? And moreover why should I help someone? Everyone should help themselves, after all, it’s written in “Gita”. And anyway, it’s good that they threw us out, at least now I live closer to the station,’ murmuring he came into the veranda and sat on the steps, waiting for her to bring him his bag and tiffin.

‘Here, take your bag,’ she said giving him, rather little forcefully.

‘And tiffin?’ he asked.

‘I will bring your tiffin to the station,’ she said and walked away.

He looked at her for a moment and with a shrug started for his work. He was a railway announcer, the fact that he hated when he lived in the town, for he was the laziest person on the planet and this town had the only station which was 11 kms away. But now, as he lived near the station, he had no more problems in going to the work.

The station was not a very big station for this was a fairly small town. But despite that, many out station trains had a halt here. There wasn’t much crowd usually but if it’s a holiday season, the station becomes jam-packed.

Shyam Sundar Sharma like everyday entered the station and climbed the stairs to his room on the third floor of the building. He had a perfect view of the station from his room, as there was no roof on the platform. He locked the door and sat on his wooden chair, ready for his work.

‘Did you read today’s newspaper, Shyam Sundar?’ asked his colleague who was sitting beside him, reading the morning news.

‘No, what is it?’

‘There is a riot going on in our neighbouring town. Many people are dead. Curfew has been put up in that town,’ he said folding the paper.

‘Oh my god! When did this happen?’ he asked.

‘Yesterday night, everyone was at home, asleep and suddenly they heard shouting and screaming outside.’

‘What was the reason?’ he inquired.

‘No idea, even the police are clueless but I think, the reason is religious as most of riots have occurred due to this. Anyway, what’s that with us? We are safe here,’ he said with a shrug, ‘anyway, now that you are here, I am off to home. Phew! Finally the shift is over,’ he said wiping his brow.

After his colleague left for home, he locked the door once again and sat down with a sigh. He remembered his fight with his wife today and thought of apologizing to her, when she comes to the station on lunch. With that thought in mind, he took the microphone and started his day with announcing about the upcoming trains.

It was 12:30, when his first half of the shift got over. He was hungry and was waiting for his wife to bring him his lunch. He relaxed on his chair when he noticed surprising number of people in the station.

‘May be it’s because of the riots in the neighbouring town,’ he thought.

He stood and yawned stretching himself, relaxing his muscles when he heard a trains whistle.

‘That’s weird,’ he wondered, ‘there’s no train scheduled to come this way at this time of the day.’

 The train came whistling loudly and stopped. Everyone at the station, he saw, was looking at the arrived train, in confusion. And in a matter of seconds, there confusion turned into horror, changing their lives forever.

Shyam Sundar Sharma was rooted to his spot. He couldn’t move; he was paralyzed. He couldn’t believe what he saw. It happened in a fraction of seconds. One moment people were looking at the train with a mild interest and the next moment he saw them decapitated with a sword. He watched it all in a slow motion from his room, army of men with deadly weapon in their hand rushing out of the train swiftly and killing everyone who’s coming their way.

He was still standing horror-struck, when a sudden realization hit him. He was safe and he could still save many people’s life. He was rude and shrewd but he wasn’t a criminal. He couldn’t let them just die.
He immediately took his seat, switched on his mic and spoke loud and clear.

‘All those coming towards the station, please turn around and run away from here. There’s an attack going on in the station. Save your life and go away.’

‘People standing at the rear end of the platform, kindly make a line and move towards the Hanuman temple and save your life.’

Sweat falling down from his brow onto his shirt; he was desperately trying to save as many people as he can by guiding them away from the station. He could see people lying dead on the floor, some missing their hands, some missing their legs and some missing their heads. It was like, they were enjoying killing and slaughtering innocent lives. He had tears in his eyes. He was depressed. Never in his life, had he seen such a scene. The platform looked like a river of blood.

He was still guiding the people when he heard loud banging on his office’s iron door. He got scared and backed away from the door and started praying. He knew that the door was made up of iron and it’s very tough to break it but he was doubtful about the strength of the lock. The banging continued for some time and then stopped. He crept towards the door and pressed his ears to the door, listening for any sound. There was none. He was little relieved and thanked God for his luck.

He immediately retook his seat and started guiding people to move out of the station safely but he stopped abruptly. He saw his wife and children coming towards the station to give him his lunch, unaware about the situation at the station.

‘Malti! Bittu! Gudiya!’ he started shouting their name, horrified.

‘Don’t come here, Malti. Malti listen to me,’ he was shouting desperately to save them but his wife was too engrossed in her thoughts to listen to him.

‘Malti, go away. Just…’ he couldn’t complete his sentence for at that very moment, his world turned upside down.

One of the attackers had grabbed Malti from behind and slit her throat. He called his two men and pointed them towards his running children. While the two men ran to catch the children, the attacker started slaughtering Malti’s body, laughing at every stab.

The two men whom he had called came with Shyam’s both the children, struggling to get free. The attacker first caught his daughter and decapitated her, throwing her head on the railway tracks. Next he caught hold of his son, who was kicking his legs in air, desperately trying to saw himself free. While struggling, by mistake he kicked the attacker on his face, which made the man so angry that he first cut off his both legs then his both hands and when the boy’s screams pierced the air, he cut off his head and threw the remains over his mother’s body.

Shyam Sundar was shocked. He just couldn’t bring himself to believe that his family’s end was so ghastly, that his family was no more; that they were slayed in front of his eyes and he couldn’t help them. He was devastated that the last thing happened between them was a fight and not love.

He sank on his chair with grief and remorse, when he heard more screams, bringing him back to reality. He, forgetting his pain, started guiding people with choked voice and teary eyes until some help came.
It was an hour of hell for everybody, more so for Shyam. He was glad that the police came and took over the situation within an hour for he couldn’t have been able to continue more. But he was horror-struck that like many, his life was ruined too.

Some people, who were alive, were praising him like a hero. It was because of his presence of mind that so many lives were saved. He was a hero, a real hero to them. The town, which once had discarded him like a trash, was now begging him to come and relive with them once again. The government declared an award for bravery to be specially given to him. He was getting all the respect and adulation that once his family had wished for.  But now, all these praises, all these awards meant nothing to him. He was alone.

Life for Shyam Sundar had changed drastically but he still went to that very same station, everyday, working as a Railway Announcer and living that fatal day each and every day, as if repenting for something. For him, that was Life now, as life goes on... 

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guest post, once again!!

Now, my friend "Lover Boy" has written a beautiful poem, not for my blog tough. It was beautiful, so I thought of sharing it with you all!!

For those two people who were in love,

Two little souls enter the world,
Hoping to be one.
Storms swept by, scattering mud,
holding its gun.

What was his mistake?
What was her fault?
the things that he did for her?
The things that she lost?
And as I passed by,
I cried for them.
Because their love was strong,
The fate lied to them.
They were supposed to be one,
But they got apart,
and now I think, 
"Why is love so hard?"

She sat there, wondering,
why the people have rules?
But the love was impossible
It's fate was already doomed.

He loved her, but was bound,
tired of all the chains.
He couldn't free himself, nor could she,
from this holy bonding.

What was his mistake?
What was her fault?
the things that he did for her?
The things that she lost?
And now I could see,
The death shy away,
Because even death is ashamed
of the fate that lied to them

They were supposed to be one..
But they never could...
And here ended the love story
That should have been sculpted on the oldest wood...

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Awesome quote: People who hate me, are just the confused admirers... Because they can't figure out the reason why everyone loves me!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be different

When you look up at the sky,
You see the birds around you fly,
People never bother to look at them,
For they feel that, they all are same.

So, Be Different!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love kills

She was just turning round the corner when she heard a crash behind her. She turned around and saw a black Qualis crashed to the wall few feet's behind her. She, like others ran towards the vehicle, to see the extent of damage on the car and to the people inside it. She saw a man of about 30, badly injured in the accident and was bleeding profusely.
Seeing this, she immediately ran towards him, avoiding the crowd and reached him first.
'It's okay, I am a doctor. Leave him to me. Please don't crowd here,' she said to the bystanders circling him.
She checked his pulse and sighed loudly.
'What is it, doctor?' asked someone from the few people who were still standing.
'He's dead. We could do nothing more. I think, you all should leave him here with me. And please someone call the police, till then I will wait with him,' she said still kneeling down, looking at the crowd who was now dispersing.
Once the crowd was gone, she looked at the man's face for the last time before injecting him an injection full of poison.
'Now, you will do no more harm to anyone else,' she said to him.
'You?', said the man  with horror, bleeding from the crash which was engineered by her.
She smirked at him and left him there writhing with pain, dying a slow death, just like she had died.


This is the first time I'm trying something like this. I know, it's not that good but still, after all it's my first attempt.

'You know, I don't understand, why do people download books from the net. It's piracy, you know? I don't like it,' she said shaking her head in anger.
'I know, yaar. But what can we do? Forget it. Chill! Anyway, I am going to the mall, coming?' her friend asked her changing the topic.
'No, yaar. I have lot's of work to do. I have to complete the English assignment on Jane Austen's Emma, you know?'And I don't have that book. First I have to go home and download it from the net,' she said waving her hand.

P.S. Do comment and let me know about the improvement needed!!
Thank you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A true promise

'Yatrigad kripya dhyan de. Gaadi number 3...' the rail announcement on the Kanpur Railway Station was drowned by the arrival of the Pushpak Express, coming all the way from Mumbai. The situation at the station was little chaotic due to the arrival of the train. People were rushing towards the compartment in search of their family and friends. Coolies were standing at the entrance of every compartment looking for passenger with luggage.

'Sahab, should I carry this?'
'No, thanks,' said he, looking at the dejected porter, smiling at his reaction.

He was back. Yes, he was finally back, at his home. It was what 16, no 17 years, since he was made to leave this place, his home. But now, he is back. Now, he has come back just to fulfill his promise, promise he had made 17 years ago.
'It's time,' said he, his eyes twinkling in delight.


'Mamma, why are we decorating our house with lights?' asked a little girl, wearing a baby pink frock, standing beside her mother.
'It's Diwali, dear, that's why. Now, move Mamma has to make rangoli too,' she said walking towards the door, carrying a plate full of different colours while her little daughter kept looking at her in awe.
She followed her mother to the door, with her eyes full of curiosity. 
'Mamma, what's rangoli?' she asked in her sweet voice, her brown eyes bright with excitement.
'Umm,' her mother looked at her little daughter and smiled, 'you know, how you draw flowers and houses in your drawing book?'
She nodded.
'In the same way, Mamma's going to draw some design on the floor, here,' she said indicating the entrance of the door.
'What are you going to draw, Mamma?'
'Tanya, don't disturb mamma. Now, go and play. I will call you when it will be finished.'
'But Mamma, there's no one to play with,' she frowned.
Her mother stopped making rangoli and looked at her daughter's sad face.
'Why don't you go and meet that new boy, who has shifted here few days back,' she suggested.
'But Mamma, I don't know him,' she replied innocently.
'Hmm.. Now that's a problem. Come I'll introduce you to him,' she said leaving the colours on the floor.
She got up, took Tanya's hand and walked out of the gate of her house towards the house opposite them.
'Mamma, what's his name?' she asked excitedly.
'I don't know yet. Let's ask him only.'
Tanya's mother crossed the lawn of their new neighbour's and range the bell. Tanya still holding her mother's hand was excited to meet a new friend.
'Hello, I am Mrs Srivastava. We are your neighbours. Actually, today is Diwali and we are having a party tonight. So, I have come to invite you,' she said smiling as the door opened by a young lady.
'Oh hello! I am Mrs Mathur. Please, please do come in,' she said inviting them into the house.
'Hello dear, What's your name,' she asked Tanya.
'Tanya Srivastava,' she said flashing her little dimples.
'Oh! You have a very pretty name, just like you.'
'Thank you.'
'How old are you, Tanya.'
'Oh wow! Would you like to meet someone? He's a year older than you and he has no friends, here.'
'Manav!' called Mrs. Mathur.
A little boy wearing a white kurta pyjama came into the room, shyly.
'Manav, this is Srivastava Aunty, our new neighbour.'
'Namaste,' he greeted shyly.
'Namaste dear.'
'You have very lovely son,' said Mrs. Srivastava.
'Thank you.'
'Manav, she's Tanya, your new friend. Say hi to her.'
'Tanya, will you be my Manav's friend?'
'Of course.'
'Good girl, Now why don't both of you go out and play.'
'Okay,' said Manav and came out to the lawn and sat ona bench, followed by Tanya, who was deeply thrilled to find someone to pay with.
'Hi, I am Manav,' said he, not looking at her.
'I know. Don't you have any games?' inquired Tanya.
'Of course, I have. So many,' he said indicating with his tiny hands, 'You wanna see? Come, I'll show you. But you have to promise not to share it with anyone else, promise?'


'Kahan jaan ahain, Sahab?'
'Yahan, yahan, yahan...'
'Sahab, rickshaw chahiye?'

He was surrounded with a crowd of people asking him to take their rickshaw. He looked around at everyone and chose one. He sat inside with his luggage and took a deep breadth.

'Where to Sahab?'
He looked at the surrounding, on his way to the house. Same old roads, same old houses, everything was same as before. The hot air of the summers blew his dark brown hair from his weatish complexioned face. It felt nice on his sweat drenched face. The way to the house, once more took him to the bitter-sweet past and once again he was reminded of the past, bringing an evil grin on his face.


'Mom, I am going to Manav's house. We have a project to do. I'll have something in his house,' shouted Tanya from the threshold of her house, ready to go out.
'Tanya, at least change your clothes,' said her mother coming out of the kitchen holding a spatula in her hand.
'No mom, I'll change it later, bye,' and she rushed out of the house to her best-friends house. 
Ever since they have met on that Diwali day, they had become the best of friends. Despite, Manav being an year elder to her, he always helped her in all her work just like a classmate.
'Manav, today again I received a project on Bio. So, be ready to help me,' she said with a grin on her face.
'Tanya, till when are you going to take my help? For God's sake, you are 15 years old now,' he said irritatingly wiping the smile of her face.
'SO? You are going to help me for ever, understood?'
'But Tanya, one day I'll be gone, you will be gone then what are you gonna do?' asked Manav his heart beating at the speed of 180 beats/min.
'Where the hell are you going? And where am I going? You cannot go anywhere. What will I do without you? You know... you know that I love you,' she blushed.
'I.. I love you too.'
'Manav, you have to promise me that you will be with me forever, promise?
'Manav looked intently at her, slowly he came close to her took her hand and said, 'I promise.'


'Where to sahab?'
'Take a left turn from there. Yes. Just stop here,' he said indicating the house.
'How much?'
'Here, take this and keep the change,' he said giving him a fifty rupees change.
"Mr. N K Srivastava", it was written on the plank hung beside the gate. He opened the gate with a creak and entered the lawn of the house. Finally, he was going to fulfill his promise. promise, he wasn't able to fulfill back then. He moved towards the door of the house to find it open. He entered inside to find a crowd assembled before something, wearing white. 
Terrified, he moved forward to find the garland laden photo of Tanya smiling with an incense stick burning before it. Everywhere people sitting and standing with tears in their eyes.
'Oh! Tanya, why did you leave us?' cried her mother sitting besides the photo, hitting her forehead in anguish and sadness.
'What had happened?' asked someone.
'She swallowed sleeping pills,' answered the women in hushed voice.
He dropped the bag with a thud with tears in his eyes. Tears of joy!


'Tanya, where were you? I tried calling you so many times but your number was busy,' said her mother hurriedly, feeling very weak due to worry.
'I was with Sangita. Why? What happened mom? Why are you crying?'
'Manav... He just.. he just had an accident, Tanya. He is in the hospital.'
'Wh...What?' she whispered with fear, in horror. She couldn't believe, what her mother had just said. She immediately ran out of the house, took a rickshaw and reached hospital, every minute dreading about him. She had tears in her eyes, when she reached the receptionist.
'Excuse me, could you tell me in which room, Manav Mathur has been admitted?' she asked, her words cracking.
'Just a minute,' the receptionist looked din her computer, 'he is in the ICU ward, Room No. 2, fifth floor.'
'Thank you,' she ran towards the stairs. in her desperation to reach him, she totally forgot to take the lift through which she could have reached him little earlier not that it wold have mattered.
'Manav?' said Tanya entering the room. 
She stopped in her tracks, the scene in the room flabbergasted her. Manav, her love was lying on the bed, dead. his mother was sitting beside him with a blank expression, no tears, no sadness, everything just blank.
'Ma...nav,' she whispered in horror taking a step closer nearer to the body. Her body shaking with fear.Her footsteps made Manav's mother to look at her.
'Manav was sorry that he couldn't keep his promise. He told me to tell you that,' said his mother blandly.
'Promise!' she whispered.
'Those were his... last words,' and she cried.
Both the women in the room cried.


'I knew, you wouldn't break your promise,' said she looking at him. people around them were deep in mourning but they both were oblivious to their surrounding.
'I am sorry, I am late,' he apologized.
'Don't be. You are not late. I felt you every minute with me while I was alive. I didn't want to take my life but I  wasn't strong enough, I guess,' she shrugged, ' and moreover, I wnated to keep my promise too,' she smiled and took his hand.
'We'll always be together, now, I promise and this time I won't break it,' he said looking at her, 'I love you, Tanya.'
'I know,' she smiled, 'I love you too, Manav.'
They both looked at each other, drowning in each other eyes before surrendering themselves to each other by hugging tightly and cherishing each and every moment like their last.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Should I??

Lately, I have been doing lots of reading. Reading tweets, reading blogs, and reading books of course more than writing. I don't even get time for blogging. I miss writing but lots of work keep me busy to even think about writing.

I am confused, should I leave writing for good, as others expect something else from me or should I continue with it, for that's what I love doing.

This is a very big question. right now in my life.

Anyway, I will think about it.

That last thing which I wanted to quote, which is completely off-topic is Life feels good when you are around good people. (This is completely off-topic, I know. But this is my blog, my post, I can post any random thing, I want, right?)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good News

Just to let you know that my brother has finally got an admission in Engineering IT in a very good college. We all are very happy.

Way to go bro!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moment of Peace

I am a human and I need a moment of peace. Can't I have one? Am I a human or just an animal? Am I to just follow others orders, can't I make my own decision or I am too dumb or insensitive or immature or careless or not worthy of making a decision?

My mind is fucked up [sorry to use that language :(.. ]. Why don't some people understand that, you are no longer a part of my life. If I say that I don't wanna be your friend, then I am sure that there must be a very concrete reason for telling them so. This is my life and I wanna spend my life as I want to.

This is my life and I will decide, who can be my life's part. You are no one to decide or judge me whether I am right or wrong. I am no animal who just dances on your tune and fetches a ball, whenever you throw it.

So, people just **** off. I don't need you. Cause I am way above you. May be I am rude but its the fact, just GET LOST, for I don't need you.

I can make my decision by myself and I DON"T NEED YOU to make decisions for me. So, **** off.. and GIVE ME SOME PEACE!!!! :x

P.S - Sorry for the offensive language but that's how I am feeling right now

Friday, August 6, 2010

Work, work, work... for the future?

I always wonder that we, humans, toil so hard for each and everything. From the we are born, till the day we die, we never rest for a second. Either our body or our mind is always busy making some or other plans for our future, so that when the day comes, we could enjoy the moment to the fullest. But do we?

Remember the day, when you had just started to work for the first time? Remember, how excited you were about your first job, for you will be saving your salary to but yourself a new house, new car, new TV etc? But after the initial excitement of receiving your first salary, what do you do? Go straight to book your first home or car or TV? No, you wait and tell/convince yourself that this salary won't be sufficient for the new home, you are looking for. So, you keep slogging for that golden moment to come to your life one day. And finally, when that beautiful day comes, after some years of slogging, you buy your dream house and take your first step inside, the feeling, the excitement which should have come, never shows. The new house felt just like any other house. The new car seemed like any other car, right?

There is nothing mysterious about it, as to why this happens, why did this excitement diminishes with time? It's just, fact of life. You put all your hard work to achieve something for years but when that day comes, it just feels like any other day.

Just like it happened with my mom. Recently we bought a 46 inch LED TV. We i.e me and my brother were way too excited about it. We were excited 'cause finally we would be able to watch our favourite TV show on such a big TV. We didn't had to wait long, you see? But that was not the case with my mother. For her, this TV was like any other TV. She wasn't excited, not sad too, although. When we asked her, why isn't she happy? She simple told us that now at her age, nothing excites her. This TV is just like a previous TV, just little large in size. She has waited so long for all this that now all this doesn't entice her. 

The same things happens to all of us. We are all so busy with our work, to make our future brighter, that when the future comes, we don't even have the enthusiasm to celebrate it. 

I can only hope that this doesn't happen with our next generation. AMEN!    

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Illusion, Delusion, Agony (Guest Post)

This is a guest post by my friend who wish not to be named. He insists that he should be referred as a "Fakester". So, Fakester here you go...

I often wonder quite frankly, how can somebody's life be an open book? I have met people who have claimed that people who matter, knows everything about them and they have nothing to hide. Well, if that is the case then I pity them. Pity because, they have nothing exciting in their life, nothing that could thrill them, nothing that could create stir in the worlds of people who are close to them. Their existence is zero.

Living in Kalyug has its own set of rules. "FAKE", "ILLUSION" is the new in. People , now a days, have multiple personalities. If a person is shy to one, he might be aggressive to another. This trend creates mystery, curiosity and thus serve every ingredient for a spicy personality. Who cares about people who have just one image? They are so predictable that even a stray dog can predict their next move.

Life should be a mystery, full of illusions. Nothing should be real, just a broken piece of mirror which is visible. A broken piece of mirror is what the existing humans are. Broken piece will never show the full image, it will just show the fragment. Mirror particularly, because people make self-images with accordance to the people they meet. They never show who they are, but only reflect the light of who they meet and this existing illusion adds up to the curiosity.

"A delusion-ed mind can often self-destruct', very true and this is the real mantra of today's success. Everthing starts with this broken piece of mirror. Have you ever wondered why your best friend betrayed you or why so-and-so broke your trust? the reason is simple - the same broken piece of mirror, the first and last step towards delusion.

STEP 1: Make a mirror, in simple words, image of a person who is liked by the victim.
STEP 2: Convince the image is real. and
STEP 3: Wait till the delusion-ed victim self-destruct.

BAM! you have beaten your first rival. Have you wondered why the fakesters are most popular? Because they make different mirrors and beat the weaker lot, without actually doing anything. They just make the mirror, rest is "self-destructed" by the delusion-ed victim. So, while the illusion creators live the life of contentment, the victim live the life in agony, whining about why were they such fools.

Yet I believe the victims have some existence, but the people who have open books, if they exist, have zero existence.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Onion Uttapam that changed my life

Yesterday, while I was taking a nap in my bedroom, my brother came up to me and informed me that something for me has just come by post. I got up to see what that something was. I was surprised to find my IGNOU books, for which I was waiting from many days.

I had applied for Diploma in Creative Writing in English. It's a distance learning course (obviously!). This was my dream course as I want to be a freelance writer. Few months back, i didn't even know that such a course exists in India. It was by fluke that one day I came across this.

I was at baroda that time, when it all happened. i was lying on my bed and was busy tweeting through my mobile, when one of my twitter friend tweeted something about OU. I didn't know what that is, so I asked him about that, in the same time asking my brother, who was studying besides me. By the time he replied, my brother searched in his cell asking that is it Osmanabad University?

We forgot all about what is OU, as something else caught our eye. While searching for this mysterious OU, we found about this course in creative writing. Then we searched about the Institutes which offers this course in India and we found about the three institutes offering creative writing. And that was the moment when I decided to apply for this course. The only course which I truly wants to do.

By the way, finally I found out that, that OU was nothing but a website with the name of Onion Uttapam, which is a satirical website. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am a Superhero!!!

Okay!! My great friend Sourav Ghosh has blogged a wonderful post which you can read here. He is a very good writer and a motivator. He has written a post which is so true about superheros!!!...

Now, who is a superhero? A person who has a super powers, simple! But what are super powers? Now, you might say, flying, doing some kind of magic, ability to see future etc etc.. but is it so? I feel, super powers are the extra ordinary powers which we have, which make us different from the others, right?

Now, think, think for a moment what those powers are? I feel we all are (almost), superhero because we have power to love. Yes, not everybody can love. It's a special gift which is given to few chosen one only. And those who have it are indeed very lucky.

Then there is power to help. I am sure everyone must have encountered two kinds of people in their life, one who helps and one don't. I am sure, everyone falls under these two categories. The ones who falls under the first are very lucky to have the heart to help others. There are many people who never helps, they just try to ignore the person who is seeking help from them. They are the people who are villains in this superhero story.

Similarly, there are many more similar powers which makes us either superhero or villians in our life..

So, what are you?

Image source: superhero
                      superhero and villian

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging should be done everyday... I think!!!

I really hate it when my internet goes down. I feel really helpless without the internet. SO much to talk and so less time. No, I am not going anywhere but to be away from my blog takes away my life.

It's the one place where I express my feelings without hesitation as there's no one who could interrupt me or stop me. Without my net and not able to blog, my condition was like this:

But now, i am this:

Now, i am planning to blog everyday (most probably) about all the things that I want to say...

So bye for now, see you tomorrow...


Image source :  sad baby
                        happy baby

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been four hours that I am trying to uninstall my old version of anti virus software and install my newer version but with no results. My lappy is in danger of these dangerous virus attack and I am clueless and frustrated.

Somebody help me!!!

Image courtesy :  virus 

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's been days that i blogged about something. Although, have been visiting my blog regularly to make some or the other changes.

You must have noticed many changes in my blog.

First was the addition of wibiya toolbar below and also the addition of related post link in the blog posts..

Will blog more but till then sayonara!!

Image courtesy : Blogging

Monday, April 12, 2010


I didn't blog for so many days, as I am really very tensed. My mom's not well and she's going to be admitted tomorrow. I really need everyone's blessing and prayers that she gets well soon.

I am really very very tensed. It's not any major operation or something but I just feel tensed that she's unwell. I just want everyone to be healthy and happy..

Pray that she gets well soon. :o((

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blogging so much fun.. It's like a virtual Diary where you write your thoughts. Anyways, i had written some poems when I was a kid, thought of sharing them with you all. They may be little kiddish but I just love them so..
And they are in hindi..


Dekhte hain hum sapne har raat,
Par bhool jaate hain hum wahin baat,
Jab sapney hamare poore ho jaate hain,
To hum sapno ki duniya mein hi ko jaate hain|

Sapney dekhna koi busri baat nahi,
Iska koi din koi waqt nahi,
Sapney hote hain achche aur bure,
Yeh jaroori nahi ki yeh honge poore|

Jab hamare sapney jaate hain toot,
Tab humein jaana nahi chahiye dusro se rooth,
Jab hamare sapney hote nahi poore,
To log lagne lagte hain humko boore|

Par jab poore ho jaate hain hamare sapney,
To log lgne lagte hain humko apne,
Yeh to duniya ki reet hain,
Kya yahi preet hain?

Sapne dekho par sapno mein doobe mat raho,
Chalo, utho ab apna kaam shuru karo |

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Random New Post

Random Thoughts, nothing particular. Just remembered Bro started his own blog and I'm very happy to see him write as he writes exceptionally well. I really don't know, why the hell is he doing engineering when he wants to be a writer.

Anyways, I just wish him all the luck.

Right now, I'm feeling too hungry. will blog later. So, bye bye.

Cheers!! :))

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Twitter Friends

It's going to be almost an year that I joined Twitter. So, I thought why not thank people who actually became my friends via Twitter.

First and foremost I would like to thank:

Sourav Ghosh - who is now my very dear friend.

Rohan Rawat

Parvez Ansari

Anshul Srivastava

Aritra Sen



Saurabh Kumar

Surprisingly, there are no girls, he he!

Anyways, thanks all for being my friends.. :))

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just added a signature to my post. Now, every post of mine will have this custom signature. This is just a Test Post.

If even you need a signature like this then you can visit here.

It's really cool. Try for yourself!


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