Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am a Superhero!!!

Okay!! My great friend Sourav Ghosh has blogged a wonderful post which you can read here. He is a very good writer and a motivator. He has written a post which is so true about superheros!!!...

Now, who is a superhero? A person who has a super powers, simple! But what are super powers? Now, you might say, flying, doing some kind of magic, ability to see future etc etc.. but is it so? I feel, super powers are the extra ordinary powers which we have, which make us different from the others, right?

Now, think, think for a moment what those powers are? I feel we all are (almost), superhero because we have power to love. Yes, not everybody can love. It's a special gift which is given to few chosen one only. And those who have it are indeed very lucky.

Then there is power to help. I am sure everyone must have encountered two kinds of people in their life, one who helps and one don't. I am sure, everyone falls under these two categories. The ones who falls under the first are very lucky to have the heart to help others. There are many people who never helps, they just try to ignore the person who is seeking help from them. They are the people who are villains in this superhero story.

Similarly, there are many more similar powers which makes us either superhero or villians in our life..

So, what are you?

Image source: superhero
                      superhero and villian

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging should be done everyday... I think!!!

I really hate it when my internet goes down. I feel really helpless without the internet. SO much to talk and so less time. No, I am not going anywhere but to be away from my blog takes away my life.

It's the one place where I express my feelings without hesitation as there's no one who could interrupt me or stop me. Without my net and not able to blog, my condition was like this:

But now, i am this:

Now, i am planning to blog everyday (most probably) about all the things that I want to say...

So bye for now, see you tomorrow...


Image source :  sad baby
                        happy baby

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