Monday, August 31, 2009

Just a Thought

Just a thought

Now, its just a thought why do people in india behave so stupid when something bad happens by any individual. I mean first they take so much pain in making a effigy of that person and then burn it.

I mean whay's the point of burning an effigy. What difference will it make to that person. And i feel before doing all that shit, people should look at themselves that are they themselves free of any guilt, are they pure?

Before blaming anyone, one should look at ourselves whether are we free of any guilt? and before advising to one should see whether are we ourselves following that advice?

Well anyways, it was just a thought.. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Collection (contd..)

Let me post my another song.. This time its in english "I'M FREE"

There was a time when nobody believed me,
There was a time when nobody had faith in me,
I was a prisoner of my own mind,
I was a slave keep counting my time,
I was told to be just be quiet,
I was taking part in a riot.

I was not free, I was enslaved
I was not allowed to do anything
I was not free, I was enraged
I kept ighting with myself,

But now I'm free, free to touch this sky,
and now I'm free, free to fly high,
I can't so anything I want, nobody can't stop me,
I can sing, i can dance, nobody can cross me,
This is my life, my soul, nobody can touch me,
As finally, I'm free

There is a time now when everybody comes to me,
There is a time now when everybody shares with me,
I am now friends with everyone,
I am now the chosen one,
I am now told to be here,
I can go now anywhere,

I now believe in everyone,
Time changes and changes people,
I now have faith in everyone,
I am the master and not keeper.

As I'm free....

Why do these people always stop me,
From doing anything from being me,
I am also a human being and not a non - living,
I've to make them understand,
and now time has come to show everyine,
What i'm really is..

As I'm free....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogging from mobile

Blogging from mobile is fun. I just can't believe that finally i can blog from mobile. Its fun! Limit is 2000 words but atleast when i'm away and want to blog something, i can do it..

My Collection..

My Collection..

I thought let me share my collection of hindi and english songs here..
My first hindi song titled "KUCH IS TARAH"

kuch is tarah zindagi se jaoge kahan se
kuch is tarah aana hai jahan aaoge kahan se
jo pana tha wo kho diya hai tumne
jo kho diya hai wo ab paoge kahan se

yahi hai wo rasta karna hai jise pura
dagmagaye na kadam reh jaye na adhura
milegi manzil tumhe yahin
kuch is tarah - 2

un palkon ke jharokhon ne dekhi thi jo manzil
door kahin hai wo par karna hai haasil
zindagi mein aakar agar chale gaye tum yahan se
to us manzil tak pahuchna ho jayega mushkil
yahi hai wo.....

raaste mein honge kahin dariya kahin toofan
kabhi hoga aasman to kabhi khula maidan
khona pana to zindagi ka dastur hai
lekin manzil milegi tumhe gar na ho tum baemaan
yahi hai wo...
kuch is tarah



I ask why relationship's are so difficult? and I'm not at all talking about a girl-boy relationship. What I'm talking about is in general why are realtionships so difficult? Be it a Husband - Wife, or Mother - Daughter, Mother - Son, or Father - Son, Father - Daughter or Brother - Sister or even Girlfriend - Boyfriend relationship.

Why are there so many misunderstabding or miscommunication. Why are there so much pressure on individuals..C'mon we are human being and not some machines that we can be tuned to whatever they want us to do. Sometimes why can't people understand, even though i say it very clearly, what i'm trying to say to them. After making so many efforts to make them understand, i feel that there's no use making them understand..

Gosh!! my thoughts are so confusing that even i got confused..

New Experience...

This is a new experience..

i thought of blogging a long time ago but due to some or the other reasons just couldn't start. But today I'd decided, that no matter what I'll start my own blog where it'll represent my world. I'll share my thoughts, pics, my life.

Thank you...
Anubhuti Srivastava

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