Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lazy ;)

I am feeling just like this cat, now. I have so many things to do. I have to complete two books. i have to play badminton with my brother which i keep postponing.

God Help Me!!! 

Why am I this lazy!!!

*atleast i am not lazy to make a new post in my blog*



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Death's call

Well, I've written a short story. Do tell me how it is?
Death's Call
Jenisa was sitting in a dingy room with lights so low that it was almost dark inside. There were weird statues standing here and there in the room. The walls were covered with deep red paper, as if it’s covered in blood. Weird smell was coming from somewhere in the room. Everything was mystic in that room, even the lady in red who was sitting opposite her.
The lady was hidden behind the scarf she had worn on her head. Only her deep black narrow eyes and long black hair were visible from the scarf. She had worn rings in almost all her fingers. Her fingers were long with long pointed nails, painted in red. Her hand was resting on a crystal, kept on the table. She looked at Jenisa and whispered, ‘Beware!’
Jenisa who was sitting on her chair jumped a little, hearing the voice. She felt something wrong. Was it the place or the room or the women, she couldn’t figure out but there was something wrong. She didn’t want to come here at the first place but her best friend had insisted and she couldn’t tell her a ‘No’.
‘Beware of what?’ asked her best friend Jiya
‘Of death, my dear. Of death.’
‘What do you mean?’ asked Jenisa startled
‘Death is following you, Jenisa. Wherever you go, it follows you. Look for signs, beware of coffee. The death wants you very badly,’ she said drawing a sign on the paper and giving it to her.
It was a very weird sign resembling the number eight with a dot in each centre. She had never seen that sign in her whole life. She looked at the woman, who was piercing her with her mystic eyes.
‘Your life will be over as you see this sign. This sign is the end of your life. Beware of it,’ said the woman.
She didn’t know what to make up of this but she got up and left the place and started walking towards her home. She was frustrated with her friend to even suggest all this nonsense. She didn’t believe in astrology. But recent events had forced her to believe. There were innumerable accidents from which she had escaped. Accidents which shouldn’t have occurred at the first place. It was like, she was attracting them all.
Like when, one day, she was crossing the road. The road was empty, there was not even a single bicycle on the road but when she was about the reach the other side, suddenly, from some where a car came and was about to hit her. She escaped the accident merely by inches. When she told her best friend about these incidents, she suggested meeting this woman, who can predict future and solve problems.
She reached home and rung the bell. It was her sister, who opened the door. Again she felt something wrong but couldn’t pin point the trouble. She came inside and saw a coffee mug on the table. She remembered the astrologer and her warning. She shuddered and wondered whether today is her last day. She looked at her sister inquiringly.
‘I didn’t go to college today and mom is not at home,’ answering her questioning looks. But before she could say anything, she heard the phone ringing upstairs. She ran upstairs to pick up the phone.
‘Hello,’ said she but there was not a single sound from the other side. She again tried, ‘hello,’ but again there was silence. So, she kept the receiver back on the phone.
‘Ahhhh…’ she heard her sister’s shriek. Then she remembered she was drinking coffee and just now there was a blank call, “A death’s call”, she thought. Now only the sign was missing to complete the puzzle of her death.
Jenisa ran down the staircase. She went towards the coffee mug and looked in it. She saw coffee beans laid in a pattern. She exclaimed, ‘that’s the same sign the astrologer had said and it’s with coffee beans too,’ she said and sat on the chair with a thump.
‘What coffee beans? It’s a tea,’ said her sister but she gasped at Jenisa, who was lying on the table with her head down, dead.

Comment comment comment!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some story ideas..

Now a days, i'm too much into writing. Have some story ideas, in short, to be on a safe side, saving it here.

First one is on parents pressure.
Second one is on society's low thinking on cast and creed.
Third one's a thriller/horror.
Fourth one's a adventure (Mumbai's rain).

Cant think of anything else at the moment keep posting as the ideas come..

Friday, February 5, 2010

My book..

I've put a hold on my fantasy book, for a moment. I am currently working on the other book, which probably is going to work in India.
Will post the prologue soon.

Small summary:
This story is about two girls. One who's stuck in such a nasty business that she can't come out of it, though she wants to and the other who wants to help her.

It's totally based in India and I've tried to show a problem that's currently faced in India.

Wait for my next post for the prologue.


Monday, February 1, 2010


...Why on earth, the number of fiction writer in India are so less? I mean, go to any bookstore like Crossword, you will see books divided in sections based on different categories like Mystery, Romance etc etc. and there is a small section of Indian Fiction. Why?

Being an Indian and living in India, the stores too don't have a a large section for Indian fiction compared to other authors. Why are Indians so not in to writing. the main reason: Society.

I mean, children, who are so good in English or have good literary/writing skills, do not opt for writing as their career because of their parents or society. they want to be an engineer or doctors even though they have no interest in that fields. If a child does not do his engg from IIT or MBBS from AIIMS, then that child is a disgrace to that family.

According to my mom, if you want to become a writer then, first get a good job, earn some money and then write. I mean, what is all this shit, getting job and earning money. I can earn money, through writing too but no that's not a wise decision according to my mom.

There is my brother, who is so into writing but just cannot write because he's giving his 12th then entrance exam for all engineering institute. He doesn't have time for the thing which he loves most. His biggest ambition is to get his work published and recognized all over the world but who knows when that day will come.

Then there's another problem about choosing a genre. I mean if a person decides to write a book, then on what topic should he write because Indian readers doesn't normally read Indian fiction and if they read. then the book is normally on 'life in IIT/IIM with a love story'. That means, if you want your book to sell, then write about a love story in IIT or IIM.

I was writing a book on fantasy but now I'm having a second thoughts about completing it. Although I am going to complete it but have to think about publishing it.

I just wish that in near future, the fate of Indian authors rises and people read all kinds of Indian fiction.


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