Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Random New Post

Random Thoughts, nothing particular. Just remembered Bro started his own blog and I'm very happy to see him write as he writes exceptionally well. I really don't know, why the hell is he doing engineering when he wants to be a writer.

Anyways, I just wish him all the luck.

Right now, I'm feeling too hungry. will blog later. So, bye bye.

Cheers!! :))

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Twitter Friends

It's going to be almost an year that I joined Twitter. So, I thought why not thank people who actually became my friends via Twitter.

First and foremost I would like to thank:

Sourav Ghosh - who is now my very dear friend.

Rohan Rawat

Parvez Ansari

Anshul Srivastava

Aritra Sen



Saurabh Kumar

Surprisingly, there are no girls, he he!

Anyways, thanks all for being my friends.. :))

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just added a signature to my post. Now, every post of mine will have this custom signature. This is just a Test Post.

If even you need a signature like this then you can visit here.

It's really cool. Try for yourself!


Win a new dell inspiron-14 intel core 2 duo t6600 by tweeting or commenting in sizlopedia giveaway

Just saw yesterday, wonderful site sizlopedia. It's giving away free Dell Inspiron. Apart from that it also many useful tips and many things infact everything about the techno world..

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Do Visit!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Shameless Git :(

Really! some people are so shameless. Even if you clearly tell them that you don't wanna meet or talk to them, they just keep calling you. It really frustrates me to a new level. :( :( :x

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My mind is so full of thoughts that sometimes I just couldn't decided what to write and what not to. Now I started this post to write about writing but then in the middle of it I thought why not start with a post in the lines of 'A question a day...'

So, after final decision, here's the first question..

I think I am into too much writing that I think about it all day. I am writing a book to be published. And the first thing to write a book is to decide about the genre. Now, the other day, I told my mom that you won't be able to read my book. when she asked me Why? I said that it's a horror. The reaction which I got from her actually stunned me. I was confused. She said, that why have you chosen horror. You should have chosen something nice.
The only question that came up in my mind was 'Did I chose the right genre?' I asked my brother about it. He was quiet for sometimes, then he made some chits with lots of different genre written in it and told me to chose one, thinking about the God whom I trust. I, instead of choosing one,  started eliminating the chits one by one. The last chit, which I actually chose was of Horror genre. I looked at him, so he told me that you have chosen the right one.
The question which now comes to my mind is weather one should decide the genre according to our liking or should we go with the genre that is actually selling now a days?

Image Source: Questions

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow, this is a first time experience for me. Being a girl, lot of emotions are running through my mind. Whenever, my parents say that they have found a suitable boy for me, I get nervous. No idea, why?

And It's not only tough for me but for my parents too. First they had to look out for boys. Then they have to contact his parents, after finding a suitable boy. Then sending each other bio data. If both the party agree after scrutinizing the bio data, the FIRST step is over.

The next step is either one of the party coming over to the other or the boy and girl talk over phone. Now i'm in the second stage and am DAMN nervous. I am supposed to talk to the boy who apparently is going to call me (which he hasn't done till now).

The third step is the parents meeting and also boy girl meeting with each other and the parents. If both the parties are satisfied then comes the LAST step of actually the process of marriage. But if either of the party doesn't like the other then we once again go to step no. ONE.

Phew! then Marriage is over and the two individuals are now one.

I am still stuck in step no. 2, let's see what happens. I'll keep updating you about this.

CIAO!! :)

*nervous* *nervous*

Image source :Marriage

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging and Tweeting

I know. two post in just one day, surprising? Not really! I've heard that one must blog as often one feels. In fact, somewhere I had read one must blog everyday some two - three times.

I don't care, how much times I blog or not. As, i blog not for others but me. I want to be satisfied with what I blog. I blog, what I feel like blogging. And I also feel that, blog is one one place where I can actually vent my anger without hurting anyone's sentiments.

The other thing I love, apart from Blogging is Twitter. Twitter is also one place where I can tweet anything I want. It's like a Diary where I write what I feel. And It's due to Twitter that I found so many friends.

Thank you Blogger and Twitter, without I would be lost!!!

Image Source : Blogging

Dream Diary 3

Surprisingly, from past few days, I didn't remember any dreams. But here is today's dream:

I was in my school and was waiting for my friends but then i came out of the school to the Ghatkopar Railway Station and saw some other friends. and then the dream changed into the horror one which I can't recollect. the only thing I remember is, it was scary!!!

Anyways, that's it..

Let's dream on...

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Template

Today, I am so happy. Finally Blogger has taken an initiative of adding more template to it's list. The template you are seeing is actually the new blogger template. and it's very simple too. just go to blogger in draft and just with a click, there's a new template..

Now, i can keep changing my template.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

31 Good Deeds

Recently, I read in a Reader's Digest this article about "A good deed a day". After the article there was this list of 31 good deeds to be done each day for a month. It was so awesome that I would like to share this list with you all..

31 Good Deeds..
A month's worth of good Feelings

  1. Compliment strangers.
  2. Help an elderly person to cross the road.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Visit a homebound person.
  5. Give directions to a person looking for a certain address.
  6. Help a busy mother or older person carry groceries.
  7. Be a good listener to someone who needs it.
  8. Clean graffiti from a public space.
  9. Return misplaced belongings.
  10. Deliver dinner to parents.
  11. Hold the door for the person behind you.
  12. Visit Hungersite and Freerice to donate food at no cost to you.
  13. Feed the birds - keep some bird seed and water on your windowsill.
  14. Donate blood.
  15. Give craft supplies to a day-care centre.
  16. Pick up litter in a public place.
  17. Volunteer at an NGO.
  18. Leave a generous tip for a waiter at a small restaurant.
  19. Look after someone's child.
  20. Send a note of support to, or visit, someone who's going through a tough time.
  21. Donate books to a municipal school.
  22. Help a neighbour's child with her studies.
  23. Be a mentor to someone in your field.
  24. Give up seat for someone else on a bus or a train.
  25. Encourage another person to do a good deed.
  26. Phone or visit a senior citizen living alone.
  27. Pay a needy child's fees.
  28. Send a box of sweets for a domestic helper's children.
  29. Write a letter of praise to the supervisor of a public servant doing a good job.
  30. Give food to the poor person.
  31. Give a lift to someone.
I was so touched reading this list. I realized that to complete these list, you really don't need a lot of money. some of the things can be done without spending a penny.
I am starting my good deeds from today.. When are you??

Image Courtesy: Good deed

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dream Diary - 2

OK, so here's today's dream..

I was with some of my friends (mind you, I knew none in real life) and was in United States for a holiday.

Over. Yeah! I know, it was kinda small but I can't just watch a full length movie every time. he he


Monday, March 8, 2010

Dream Diary

Now, this is a very interesting idea I had, yesterday. I know, sometimes, interesting ideas do come to me. Now i am thinking of starting a Dream diary. Now, my mind is so full of thoughts that whenever I sleep, I always see a dream. some dreams I remember, some I don't. My dreams are of different different genres too, some horror, some fantasy, some tragic, some happy and some impossible :))

So, from today, I'll start my Dream Diary...

Today, I actually saw me getting married. Actually, I didn't saw getting married but we went to see a boy and then I was married. I heard everyone was discussing about the dowry and when I came downstairs to tell my mother that this marriage is off, I had tears in my eyes. and then I saw myself on a train with my MEAN In-laws. I don't remember what happened after that.

Pretty weird, huh?

I'll be back with more of my dreams (as I sleep too often!). :)

Image Source: Dream

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Woo Hoo :))

Yey! finally got 6 followers. I know that is not much but still it's an improvement.

*happy* *happy*


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nostalgia :(

Yesterday was Holi, and i was feeling nostalgic.It's been almost 11 years that i played holi. I love playing holi but unfortunately, I have no one to play holi with. It was in 8th std, the last time I played holi (oops! now you will all know my age!). and since then, I have not touched colours.

My last holi was little dreadful but that was not the reason that I left playing holi. The main reason was, when I was in 9th, all my friends have been transfered somewhere or the other. So, i was practically alone. Even the boys, with whom we used to have a war in Holi were gone and I just can't play Holi with myself.

Yesterday, while watching TV, I remembered those days. *sniff* *sniff* feeling nostalgic again.

Wish, those days could come back!!

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