Wednesday, March 10, 2010

31 Good Deeds

Recently, I read in a Reader's Digest this article about "A good deed a day". After the article there was this list of 31 good deeds to be done each day for a month. It was so awesome that I would like to share this list with you all..

31 Good Deeds..
A month's worth of good Feelings

  1. Compliment strangers.
  2. Help an elderly person to cross the road.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Visit a homebound person.
  5. Give directions to a person looking for a certain address.
  6. Help a busy mother or older person carry groceries.
  7. Be a good listener to someone who needs it.
  8. Clean graffiti from a public space.
  9. Return misplaced belongings.
  10. Deliver dinner to parents.
  11. Hold the door for the person behind you.
  12. Visit Hungersite and Freerice to donate food at no cost to you.
  13. Feed the birds - keep some bird seed and water on your windowsill.
  14. Donate blood.
  15. Give craft supplies to a day-care centre.
  16. Pick up litter in a public place.
  17. Volunteer at an NGO.
  18. Leave a generous tip for a waiter at a small restaurant.
  19. Look after someone's child.
  20. Send a note of support to, or visit, someone who's going through a tough time.
  21. Donate books to a municipal school.
  22. Help a neighbour's child with her studies.
  23. Be a mentor to someone in your field.
  24. Give up seat for someone else on a bus or a train.
  25. Encourage another person to do a good deed.
  26. Phone or visit a senior citizen living alone.
  27. Pay a needy child's fees.
  28. Send a box of sweets for a domestic helper's children.
  29. Write a letter of praise to the supervisor of a public servant doing a good job.
  30. Give food to the poor person.
  31. Give a lift to someone.
I was so touched reading this list. I realized that to complete these list, you really don't need a lot of money. some of the things can be done without spending a penny.
I am starting my good deeds from today.. When are you??

Image Courtesy: Good deed

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