Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nostalgia :(

Yesterday was Holi, and i was feeling nostalgic.It's been almost 11 years that i played holi. I love playing holi but unfortunately, I have no one to play holi with. It was in 8th std, the last time I played holi (oops! now you will all know my age!). and since then, I have not touched colours.

My last holi was little dreadful but that was not the reason that I left playing holi. The main reason was, when I was in 9th, all my friends have been transfered somewhere or the other. So, i was practically alone. Even the boys, with whom we used to have a war in Holi were gone and I just can't play Holi with myself.

Yesterday, while watching TV, I remembered those days. *sniff* *sniff* feeling nostalgic again.

Wish, those days could come back!!

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