Monday, March 8, 2010

Dream Diary

Now, this is a very interesting idea I had, yesterday. I know, sometimes, interesting ideas do come to me. Now i am thinking of starting a Dream diary. Now, my mind is so full of thoughts that whenever I sleep, I always see a dream. some dreams I remember, some I don't. My dreams are of different different genres too, some horror, some fantasy, some tragic, some happy and some impossible :))

So, from today, I'll start my Dream Diary...

Today, I actually saw me getting married. Actually, I didn't saw getting married but we went to see a boy and then I was married. I heard everyone was discussing about the dowry and when I came downstairs to tell my mother that this marriage is off, I had tears in my eyes. and then I saw myself on a train with my MEAN In-laws. I don't remember what happened after that.

Pretty weird, huh?

I'll be back with more of my dreams (as I sleep too often!). :)

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  1. Good idea Anu! I do dream a lot too, actually I write and work about all those dreams which I see awake, but it will be fine if I sometimes write about my dreams which I see while sleeping. Those are pretty interesting and pretty funny too.

    Like yesterday night I was seeing that I am tasting every drink available like wine, bear, vodka etc. But the fun part is I hate drinking, actually anything addictive so much that I have never ever smoked or drank in my life.
    Day before yesterday I dreamt of buying an Elephant and then playing with it. Pretty funny na?
    Would you mind if I borrow your Dream Diary idea in my blog too, ofcourse after giving proper credit to you ?

  2. Nice Idea of starting a dream diary. I'll start my Dream diary too.

  3. @shivani thank a lot yaar...

    @sourav wow, you are dreams are way too funny and yes! you can surely borrow my idea.. I'll be delighted :))

  4. the last dream must be ur past life!!!!! :o

  5. @anuraag haan, haan, tum to the na mere saath past life mein... :))


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