Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow, this is a first time experience for me. Being a girl, lot of emotions are running through my mind. Whenever, my parents say that they have found a suitable boy for me, I get nervous. No idea, why?

And It's not only tough for me but for my parents too. First they had to look out for boys. Then they have to contact his parents, after finding a suitable boy. Then sending each other bio data. If both the party agree after scrutinizing the bio data, the FIRST step is over.

The next step is either one of the party coming over to the other or the boy and girl talk over phone. Now i'm in the second stage and am DAMN nervous. I am supposed to talk to the boy who apparently is going to call me (which he hasn't done till now).

The third step is the parents meeting and also boy girl meeting with each other and the parents. If both the parties are satisfied then comes the LAST step of actually the process of marriage. But if either of the party doesn't like the other then we once again go to step no. ONE.

Phew! then Marriage is over and the two individuals are now one.

I am still stuck in step no. 2, let's see what happens. I'll keep updating you about this.

CIAO!! :)

*nervous* *nervous*

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