Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging and Tweeting

I know. two post in just one day, surprising? Not really! I've heard that one must blog as often one feels. In fact, somewhere I had read one must blog everyday some two - three times.

I don't care, how much times I blog or not. As, i blog not for others but me. I want to be satisfied with what I blog. I blog, what I feel like blogging. And I also feel that, blog is one one place where I can actually vent my anger without hurting anyone's sentiments.

The other thing I love, apart from Blogging is Twitter. Twitter is also one place where I can tweet anything I want. It's like a Diary where I write what I feel. And It's due to Twitter that I found so many friends.

Thank you Blogger and Twitter, without I would be lost!!!

Image Source : Blogging

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