Monday, February 1, 2010


...Why on earth, the number of fiction writer in India are so less? I mean, go to any bookstore like Crossword, you will see books divided in sections based on different categories like Mystery, Romance etc etc. and there is a small section of Indian Fiction. Why?

Being an Indian and living in India, the stores too don't have a a large section for Indian fiction compared to other authors. Why are Indians so not in to writing. the main reason: Society.

I mean, children, who are so good in English or have good literary/writing skills, do not opt for writing as their career because of their parents or society. they want to be an engineer or doctors even though they have no interest in that fields. If a child does not do his engg from IIT or MBBS from AIIMS, then that child is a disgrace to that family.

According to my mom, if you want to become a writer then, first get a good job, earn some money and then write. I mean, what is all this shit, getting job and earning money. I can earn money, through writing too but no that's not a wise decision according to my mom.

There is my brother, who is so into writing but just cannot write because he's giving his 12th then entrance exam for all engineering institute. He doesn't have time for the thing which he loves most. His biggest ambition is to get his work published and recognized all over the world but who knows when that day will come.

Then there's another problem about choosing a genre. I mean if a person decides to write a book, then on what topic should he write because Indian readers doesn't normally read Indian fiction and if they read. then the book is normally on 'life in IIT/IIM with a love story'. That means, if you want your book to sell, then write about a love story in IIT or IIM.

I was writing a book on fantasy but now I'm having a second thoughts about completing it. Although I am going to complete it but have to think about publishing it.

I just wish that in near future, the fate of Indian authors rises and people read all kinds of Indian fiction.



  1. You know Anu, why so less people write on fiction in India or people don't read Indian fiction much? Because here very few people dare to dream!To write fiction one need to have faith in her imagination, shouldn't consider current reality as it's limitation. But as you said, we are brought up with the perception of get good marks, get good job, forget about your dreams. But there can't be an easier root to unfulfilled life.
    But if you look carefully, y-generation is liberating herself from these limiting belief,and starting to follow their heart. Even some parents are starting to understand the importance of dream. So what we can hope is a new generation in India, and lots of new creativities, hence new fiction authors. Definitely not with the story of IIT/IIM students, because people are starting to understand that life beyond the walls of these institutions are not any less interesting.
    But as Gandhiji said "Be the change you want to see in the world" that's what we should do. We should follow our heart, and show the world what we can do. In that way we can inspire others too.

  2. exactly, i feels so too.. you said so beautifully. i ope the change that's now happening with todays generation's attitude happens quickly and they realize the meaning of dreaming big and following your heart...


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