Thursday, August 27, 2009



I ask why relationship's are so difficult? and I'm not at all talking about a girl-boy relationship. What I'm talking about is in general why are realtionships so difficult? Be it a Husband - Wife, or Mother - Daughter, Mother - Son, or Father - Son, Father - Daughter or Brother - Sister or even Girlfriend - Boyfriend relationship.

Why are there so many misunderstabding or miscommunication. Why are there so much pressure on individuals..C'mon we are human being and not some machines that we can be tuned to whatever they want us to do. Sometimes why can't people understand, even though i say it very clearly, what i'm trying to say to them. After making so many efforts to make them understand, i feel that there's no use making them understand..

Gosh!! my thoughts are so confusing that even i got confused..

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