Friday, August 6, 2010

Work, work, work... for the future?

I always wonder that we, humans, toil so hard for each and everything. From the we are born, till the day we die, we never rest for a second. Either our body or our mind is always busy making some or other plans for our future, so that when the day comes, we could enjoy the moment to the fullest. But do we?

Remember the day, when you had just started to work for the first time? Remember, how excited you were about your first job, for you will be saving your salary to but yourself a new house, new car, new TV etc? But after the initial excitement of receiving your first salary, what do you do? Go straight to book your first home or car or TV? No, you wait and tell/convince yourself that this salary won't be sufficient for the new home, you are looking for. So, you keep slogging for that golden moment to come to your life one day. And finally, when that beautiful day comes, after some years of slogging, you buy your dream house and take your first step inside, the feeling, the excitement which should have come, never shows. The new house felt just like any other house. The new car seemed like any other car, right?

There is nothing mysterious about it, as to why this happens, why did this excitement diminishes with time? It's just, fact of life. You put all your hard work to achieve something for years but when that day comes, it just feels like any other day.

Just like it happened with my mom. Recently we bought a 46 inch LED TV. We i.e me and my brother were way too excited about it. We were excited 'cause finally we would be able to watch our favourite TV show on such a big TV. We didn't had to wait long, you see? But that was not the case with my mother. For her, this TV was like any other TV. She wasn't excited, not sad too, although. When we asked her, why isn't she happy? She simple told us that now at her age, nothing excites her. This TV is just like a previous TV, just little large in size. She has waited so long for all this that now all this doesn't entice her. 

The same things happens to all of us. We are all so busy with our work, to make our future brighter, that when the future comes, we don't even have the enthusiasm to celebrate it. 

I can only hope that this doesn't happen with our next generation. AMEN!    

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