Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Illusion, Delusion, Agony (Guest Post)

This is a guest post by my friend who wish not to be named. He insists that he should be referred as a "Fakester". So, Fakester here you go...

I often wonder quite frankly, how can somebody's life be an open book? I have met people who have claimed that people who matter, knows everything about them and they have nothing to hide. Well, if that is the case then I pity them. Pity because, they have nothing exciting in their life, nothing that could thrill them, nothing that could create stir in the worlds of people who are close to them. Their existence is zero.

Living in Kalyug has its own set of rules. "FAKE", "ILLUSION" is the new in. People , now a days, have multiple personalities. If a person is shy to one, he might be aggressive to another. This trend creates mystery, curiosity and thus serve every ingredient for a spicy personality. Who cares about people who have just one image? They are so predictable that even a stray dog can predict their next move.

Life should be a mystery, full of illusions. Nothing should be real, just a broken piece of mirror which is visible. A broken piece of mirror is what the existing humans are. Broken piece will never show the full image, it will just show the fragment. Mirror particularly, because people make self-images with accordance to the people they meet. They never show who they are, but only reflect the light of who they meet and this existing illusion adds up to the curiosity.

"A delusion-ed mind can often self-destruct', very true and this is the real mantra of today's success. Everthing starts with this broken piece of mirror. Have you ever wondered why your best friend betrayed you or why so-and-so broke your trust? the reason is simple - the same broken piece of mirror, the first and last step towards delusion.

STEP 1: Make a mirror, in simple words, image of a person who is liked by the victim.
STEP 2: Convince the image is real. and
STEP 3: Wait till the delusion-ed victim self-destruct.

BAM! you have beaten your first rival. Have you wondered why the fakesters are most popular? Because they make different mirrors and beat the weaker lot, without actually doing anything. They just make the mirror, rest is "self-destructed" by the delusion-ed victim. So, while the illusion creators live the life of contentment, the victim live the life in agony, whining about why were they such fools.

Yet I believe the victims have some existence, but the people who have open books, if they exist, have zero existence.


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