Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moment of Peace

I am a human and I need a moment of peace. Can't I have one? Am I a human or just an animal? Am I to just follow others orders, can't I make my own decision or I am too dumb or insensitive or immature or careless or not worthy of making a decision?

My mind is fucked up [sorry to use that language :(.. ]. Why don't some people understand that, you are no longer a part of my life. If I say that I don't wanna be your friend, then I am sure that there must be a very concrete reason for telling them so. This is my life and I wanna spend my life as I want to.

This is my life and I will decide, who can be my life's part. You are no one to decide or judge me whether I am right or wrong. I am no animal who just dances on your tune and fetches a ball, whenever you throw it.

So, people just **** off. I don't need you. Cause I am way above you. May be I am rude but its the fact, just GET LOST, for I don't need you.

I can make my decision by myself and I DON"T NEED YOU to make decisions for me. So, **** off.. and GIVE ME SOME PEACE!!!! :x

P.S - Sorry for the offensive language but that's how I am feeling right now


  1. phew....
    hope you are feeling better after getting the rage out of your system!


  2. Nope! till the concerned person gets the message.. Some people really needs to understand their limit!!

    By the way, thanks for the comment!!


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