Monday, September 6, 2010

Should I??

Lately, I have been doing lots of reading. Reading tweets, reading blogs, and reading books of course more than writing. I don't even get time for blogging. I miss writing but lots of work keep me busy to even think about writing.

I am confused, should I leave writing for good, as others expect something else from me or should I continue with it, for that's what I love doing.

This is a very big question. right now in my life.

Anyway, I will think about it.

That last thing which I wanted to quote, which is completely off-topic is Life feels good when you are around good people. (This is completely off-topic, I know. But this is my blog, my post, I can post any random thing, I want, right?)


  1. Well I know people's opinions affects our own a lot of time .. But when I just dropped in here , I read your blog title - This is my world ..Gal , its 'Your World' and only you are its ruler.. So just let your fingers touch that keypad and let words empty the bottle thoughts , for after all , when we love reading so much , we love to write as well !! Don;t quit , make other's quit their wrong notions about you ! That's the way to go gal !

  2. @adreamygal Thanks for the comment and your suggestion. I know, this is my world but sometimes some people are more important than yourself. And their 'wants' matter much more than what I want.
    But I also know that, when I had come in this world, I was alone and when I'll be dying I'll be alone. SO, like you said, 'I am the ruler of my world'.
    So, I would definitely follow 'What I wanna do'.
    Thanks a ton!!


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