Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love kills

She was just turning round the corner when she heard a crash behind her. She turned around and saw a black Qualis crashed to the wall few feet's behind her. She, like others ran towards the vehicle, to see the extent of damage on the car and to the people inside it. She saw a man of about 30, badly injured in the accident and was bleeding profusely.
Seeing this, she immediately ran towards him, avoiding the crowd and reached him first.
'It's okay, I am a doctor. Leave him to me. Please don't crowd here,' she said to the bystanders circling him.
She checked his pulse and sighed loudly.
'What is it, doctor?' asked someone from the few people who were still standing.
'He's dead. We could do nothing more. I think, you all should leave him here with me. And please someone call the police, till then I will wait with him,' she said still kneeling down, looking at the crowd who was now dispersing.
Once the crowd was gone, she looked at the man's face for the last time before injecting him an injection full of poison.
'Now, you will do no more harm to anyone else,' she said to him.
'You?', said the man  with horror, bleeding from the crash which was engineered by her.
She smirked at him and left him there writhing with pain, dying a slow death, just like she had died.

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