Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blogging so much fun.. It's like a virtual Diary where you write your thoughts. Anyways, i had written some poems when I was a kid, thought of sharing them with you all. They may be little kiddish but I just love them so..
And they are in hindi..


Dekhte hain hum sapne har raat,
Par bhool jaate hain hum wahin baat,
Jab sapney hamare poore ho jaate hain,
To hum sapno ki duniya mein hi ko jaate hain|

Sapney dekhna koi busri baat nahi,
Iska koi din koi waqt nahi,
Sapney hote hain achche aur bure,
Yeh jaroori nahi ki yeh honge poore|

Jab hamare sapney jaate hain toot,
Tab humein jaana nahi chahiye dusro se rooth,
Jab hamare sapney hote nahi poore,
To log lagne lagte hain humko boore|

Par jab poore ho jaate hain hamare sapney,
To log lgne lagte hain humko apne,
Yeh to duniya ki reet hain,
Kya yahi preet hain?

Sapne dekho par sapno mein doobe mat raho,
Chalo, utho ab apna kaam shuru karo |

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