Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's Your Rashee?

Mine most awaited film of the year and I feel not only mine but many others as this movie shows girl of all the 12 zodiac sign.

This movie directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar of Lagaan fame has adapted from a  book titled Madhu Rye's Kimball Ravenswood. It stars Harman Baweja and our very own Priyanka chopra.

The film starts with showing Harman in Chicago studying and also DJing. Then he receives a phone call from his home back from India to come home immediately. He gets surprised to find that he was called to get married in 20 days as his grandfather will pass the ownership of the house to Harman only when he gets married. As his elder brother was in debt he decides to get married. 

He meets 12 girls of different sun sign as he has read somewhere that there are just 12 type of girls and from there the story starts.

I felt this film was good although many critics have said otherwise. Although I agree with critics on one point that the film is a bit long, although being a Gowarikar film, it was bound to be a bit long.

Apart from its length, the film was really good, although for some sun signs there weren't any traits shown. Some sun signs were present for the sake of just being there. While some sun signs were shown beautifully. There were also some light moments. 

On the whole, the movie was good, not many would be disappointed. Although its just my views.

I even liked some of the songs from the film like Jao na, Bikhri bikhri, title track etc..

Here the avatars of Priyanka chopra in the film:-












Cool na!.. It must be so stressful for Priyanka to portray all these characters.

Anyways! What's your Rashee?


  1. Hey Anu! Nice post! Didn't know that Priyanka is playing 12 different roles in this movie. Still haven't seen, but after watching I will come back and comment.

  2. Thank you...exactly she has done 12 roles.. it must me tiring for her..and surely do comment..i've seen it.. n its not bad at all..


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