Monday, October 26, 2009

Thinking Cap thought about getting traffic to your blog

I just wore my thinking cap yesterday and a thought came up that why everyone is so obsessed with blogging or getting followers for your blog? I agree that at one point even i was obsessed but not anymore.

The most important thing for me is self-satisfaction. I now believe that whatever i blog should be self-satisfactory. I am not blogging for anyone but me. But I love when people follow me and comment on my posts (although that is not much). May be that is the reason, I'm not bothered by this anymore. 

Yesterday, I also surfed the net about "how to get traffic on your blog", I got many blogs, giving their special tips about getting more traffic, but there were many contradicting statements too. Most of the tips was about getting revenue from the blog, which was of no use to me, as my blog does not have any Ads. 

The blogs also stated about page rank, they said two contradictory statements: 

  1. Page rank is important to know your popularity.
  2. Page rank is not so important as the blogs with low page rank can also be popular.
The blogs giving information were sometimes very confusing. So, I thought that I should stick to my own ways. Someone said so truly, "Listen to everyone but do what your heart say". So, I'll listen to my heart only.

So, everyone wear your Thinking cap and think.

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