Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life..Things to do and not to do

Life.. It is the most difficult thing for anybody. You really need to be right in your every move or else your life can go wrong. Sometimes you don't understand that the steps you take now can ruin or brighten your future.
Life is so so unpredictable.

There are some things which I learned till now from my life.

Things to do:

  1. Always take risk. - yes! this the first thing that came to my mind, as unless and until you take risk, you just cannot achieve anything. So take risk.
  2. Respect your parents and elders. - Yes, yes, you got it correct just respect them as unless and until you don't get their blessing, you just cannot be successful and also, in the categories of elders, comes all the elders of the universe, be it your family member or not.
  3. Always help the needy. - Please, always help the needy as you don't know when that person can help you and not just for that, you know, when you help a needy, you get a feel good feeling, which eventually increase your confidence in yourself.
  4. Always prepare for the worst. - Yes, Always prepare for the worst as even if something unexpected come up, you won't get affected by it.
Things not to do:

  1. Never get attached to someone. - If you get attached to anyone very badly, then its only going to harm you. As when that person leaves you, its hurts.
  2. Never copy someone. - Never, never in your life try to copy anyone else. As everyone in this world is different, has different capabilities. Its not necessary that the things which others do (best) even you can do that in the same way. Always be different and create an individuality.
  3. Never abuse anybody. - Never think ill of anyone nor abuse anyone. you will only get cursed by that person which does not help anyone. Keep yourself in that person's place and then think.
Right now I can think of only this much but if you've some other points, please feel free to say in your comment.

Also, if you like it, please leave a comment.

And in the end..


  1. ok....i kinda agree with most of the points :P

  2. there are some other points which i thought of after reading ur blog,
    1. never hide anything from the one u r committed to.
    2. listen to ur parents, because though u THINK u have grown up to take ur own decisions and make ur own choices..... u havent!!
    3. try keeping urself in the place of the other person before judging them.
    4. talk as little about others as possible... but keep your ears open always.
    5. diplomacy is a must in today's world.... dont hesitate to retaliate, but jus see to it that u do it in a good way...
    6. never start an arguement... but be the first one to end it... !!

  3. true true... thanks for the additional points.. btw.. please for me.. blog more!!!!


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