Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Many Lives, Many Masters

That's the book I read, a little while ago and for the second or third time, it was a Non-fiction. I bought this book from the Delhi Railway station, when I was on my way to meet my relatives. I didn't know, that Delhi Railway station would have such a good collection of books in its book stalls. Atleast, it was better than Mumbai, although I am not aware about the stock of book stalls in Mumbai, now. For I hadn't had the pleasure to visit Mumbai for quite sometime.

Anyways, I was telling you about this book. It was written by Dr. Brian Weiss on his experience of Past Life Regression. Since the day I had watched Raaz Pichle Janam Ka, I was curious about Past Life regression. Me and my brother had searched everything about regression on the net. Few months back, a friend of my brother's had told him about this book and since that day, we have been constantly on the look out for it.

Even before buying this book, my brother who was obsessed with regression had found out that, we don't always need a psychologist/psychiatrist to see our past life. we can do it ourselves too, which is called self-regression. He searched on the net for the videos/music for self regression and found various on YouTube. We downloaded it and tried this self regression to find out whether it works or not.  And believe me, it works.

You cannot fake the emotions while just dreaming or imagining things. The emotions that I experienced, that my brother experienced or rather my mother experienced were 100% genuine and I was shocked to see so many of my past lives.

Only me and my brother had listened to the mp3 and regressed back to our past lives for that was in English but my mom wasn't able to do that because of the accent of the person. So, yesterday, I told my brother that I can try regressing you and then we can see whether it works or not. And I can proudly say that it worked, it really worked. So, we decided to try on my mother the very same day, for she had wanted to do it for quite some time. And it again worked.

I wanted to post my experience about regression but I can't do it today, for at present, my head is aching like hell. So, will post about my experience later.


Image courtesy: Past life

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