Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Wave

Yes, that's whats happening in Delhi. I am wearing a jacket, sweater and a shawl and still I'm cold. I have never been to such a cold place before apart from Mahabaleshwar, where I went in my college days. But the cold here is unbearable.

But I can bear the cold but few days back, it had rained too. It was a new year rain. I mean c'mon, how can it rain in winter. But it's D..D..D..Delhi, anything can happen here.

Please God!! have mercy. Winter is nice but not so much!!

Image courtesy : cold


  1. We people can afford having clothes which can save us from the chilly freezing weather. But, what about them who find it hard even to afford bread a day?

  2. @Rachit oh I know!! Whenever I see them, roaming around on the roads or sleeping near the footpath, my heart always hurts. I really don't know, how do they survive these seasons but I know, when I'll be competent enough, I am going to do something for them.


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