Friday, September 25, 2009



Now this the great site i've found through one of the blogs..Here one can share their stories, novels, poems anything.. You can even upload e-books and read it on your mobile.

I've wattpad in my mobile and i am using it too.. Its really great..

In this post i'll keep updating about the wattpad codes of my uploads..

1) I'm free - 190283
2) He died coz of just one mistake (chp1) - 190828
3) The wedding by Nicholas sparks - 195951
4) Notebook by Nicholas sparks - 213520
5) Message in a bottle by Nicholas sparks - 213564
6) Lord of the rings (Part one) - 223608
7) Lord of the rings (Part two) - 231980
8) Lord of the rings (Part three) - 231981
9) Someone like you by Sarah Dessen - 264813
10) Shadowland by Alyson noel - 249791
11) The last song by Nicholas Sparks - 249861
12) Saving zoe by Alyson noel - 250363
13) That summer by Sarah Dessen - 270639

And If you need any more e books, which you want to read it on wattpad, Let me know. I'll try to upload it too..
And do comment, I would appreciate it...

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