Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One mistake (temporary title)- Chapter one

Now, i love writing. So, i thought why not blog my story which i wrote. Now, its just 3 chapters. The title is temporary. Will be permanent once the story developes.So... Here's the story..


"It's one o'clock in the morning!"


"do we have to go now only sir?"

"its our job karl."

"but..., don't mind sir, but i'm really very tired and exhausted."

But the inspector didn't pay any attention to his junior. Inspector Bob Miller was in a way tall, fair and handsome. He was very smart and intelligent too. Previously too, he had solved many cases. He liked challenges and therefore, he joined the police force.

He and his junior karl thomas were going to parkinson's residence. They got a call from this residence telling that something sinister has occurred there. To investigate this, the two officers were on their way to parkinson's residence. On one hand, there is karl thomas, who is humourous in nature (although is very smart and intelligent too), on the other hand, there is bob miller who is very introvert in nature. He has the habit of taking things seriously rather very seriously.

They reached the residence in about 15 minutes. It was a very big mansion with a very beautiful lawn in front. They reached the main door and rang the bell. After a minute of waiting, the door was atlast open. A short and stout man of about 50 years with grew hair and moustach opened the door. Possibly a butler.

"Yes?" asked the butler.

"Umm.. I am Inspector Bob Miller and he is my junior Karl Thomas."

"Oh! Yes inspector, Please, come in. Everyone's waiting for you in the hall."

He led them into a very big front hall, well furnished and beautifully decorated.

"Where is everyone? You said they are waiting in the hall!" asked Karl.

"Oh! I mean the other hall. There are 3 halls in this house. One is the front hall. Second is the dining hall and third is the party hall."

In the far end of the hall, there were grand staircase. On either side of the staircase, there were rooms. He led them into a room on the right side of the staircase.

"I forgot to ask..You are.." asked bob

"I am Anthony. Anthoby William. I am the head servant of this house."

"O.K, Thank you very much"

"My pleasure." and my duty, he thought.

They entered the big hall which was suppossed to be the 'DINING HALL'. Inspector Bob was surprised to find so many people. Nearly 22 people were sitting across the long glass dining table.

'Some party.' He thought.

As he entered, a man of about in his late 60s got up and shook hands with him.

"I am Ted Parkinson, Head of the family."

"Please to meet you. I'm Inspector Bob Miller and he is my Junior Karl Thomas."

"Please to meet you too."

"I think it was you who gave the call?"

"Actually no, it was Anthony, our head servant."

Inspector nodded, "But why did you call us? He didn't say the reason." Asked Bob.

"Oh! did you invited us for some party? But its very late. Can we come tomorrow, then we can have a blast." said Karl enthusiastically.

"Shut up Karl, we are on duty."

"Sorry Bob."

"Well actually, the officer is half right. There was a party going on but not anymore. Its been the worst day of my life.."

"Oh! please grandpa. Don't be upset. You are our pillar of strength. please!" A girl of about in her early 30's got up and sympathised Ted.

"I am sorry, Sir. Because of todays turn of events, everyone is shocked and depressed. Anyways, I'm Emma Parkinson, his granddaughter."

"You don't have to be sorry, miss. But would you please tell us what has happened tonight?"

"Yes, but before that I think you shold meet our family, as that will be better."

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