Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Thinking ;)

I was just wondering as to what should I blog about. I need traffic in my blog and actually everyone needs its nothing new.

I alway think, that I should write a story or novel..(whatever!) but the day never comes.

I get bored sitting at home as nothing is happening in my life except some volcanic eruptions.

Sometimes, I feel, I'm fed up with this life..sometimes I'm very positive.

My family says, that I'm full of negative energy and I want to get rid of this negative energy.

There's not a single day when my eyes are not wet (with tears of course!).

I don't want to be like this.

I want to be happy, I want to make others happy, then why am I not able to do that.

Really have to think of something..

Do you have something.. Please suggest.. Do comment..


  1. Hey Anu! First if you need traffic in your blog, read a little about blogging or copywriting , you can get the fare idea from Build a large follower base in Twitter, not by joining any 'get xxx followers per day' scheme, just by being authentic to your followers, sharing important informations, and studying a bit about Twitter styles.

    'Sometimes, I feel, I'm fed up with this life..sometimes I'm very positive.' - This is very natural for most of us, needs discipline & self-realization to be always positive, I am working on that also, can help you if you want.

    "There's not a single day when my eyes are not wet (with tears of course!)" - Now this is where I got hurt, you call me friend, but never shared with me what causes you tear. I promise, whatever it is I will help you to replace tears with your smile. So many strangers trust me with these Anu, where you are my such a good friend! I really want to see you happy Anu. You can trust me. You can always talk to me about anything (my mail, that's what friends are there for, NO COMPLAIN NO DEMAND Just to make you smile :)

  2. @souravji Positive... that's the feeling I cannot maintain in myself..One day i'm really very positive and the next downright negative..

    And as for tears.. they are just part of my life..and I'm really sorry if I've hurt you in anyway..I promise next time I've anything which is bothering me..I'll consult you.. DEFINITELY..


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